Washi what?

I love washi tape. Whoever invented it is a genius.
Washi tape is a Japanese paper craft time very similar to masking tape. It’s unique feature is all the amazing patterns and pretty colours you can get it in.
I’ve been covering everything with washi tape since my obsession started. I put it on the front of my laptop. I put it on the space bar on my laptop. I painted my cork board white and put washi tape on that. I covered the ugly spine of my SmashBook with washi tape. I bought a mouse pad just to cover with washi.
So the other day I was bored. I’m planning on putting up a piece of twine on my wall to hang inspirational stuff from since my cork board will fill up too soon. I have mini clothespins and I wanted to spruce them up. Soooo, lemme stick some washi on that.

It is super easy:

1. Tear off a strip on washi tape and stick in on the clothespin.
2. Using an Xacto/craft knife, trim all the excess tape off. Use the blunt side of the knife to press the tape edges onto the pin so it stays.
3. You’re done.



PB&J forever

One of the things I love most in the world is the tv show The Office. If I could somehow use my obsession to make a living, I would jump at it and immediately become a bazillionaire. I’ve seen the entire series like 5 times…..in the past year. I have memorized multiple episodes.

This year is the final season. It all ends on the 16th of May. Well, no, just new episodes end. Jim and Pam have had their ups and downs and tonight it looked like it was going to end bad.

And then perfection happened. Jim hugged Pam and she thought back to the words spoken at their wedding:

“Love suffers long and is kind
It is not proud
Love bears all things believes all things hopes all things and endures all things
Love never fails
And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love
But the greatest of these is love.”

And she hugged him back and they said their “I love yous” and it was perfect.

I just knew the producers wouldn’t let us down. And although it’s just a TV show, it gives you hope.

So I have a montage that follows. And I promise I won’t just spend my time blogging about tv shows. It’s just a show I love so much and its emotional to see it end. It makes me cry. Although I attribute some of that to some tears held in during President Bush’s speech today. Such a humble, noble, and patriotic man. But yea, PB&J forever.


I was also stunned to see such a blatant use of Biblical text in a positive way on an NBC show. But I won’t get into that. I’ll just appreciate that they used such beautiful words in a beautiful way.


This is the last week of school, except for next week’s exams. I’m not a fan of this time of year. Summer is coming up which means lots of spare time to fill. Yet, school is not yet over which means there is still work to be done.

The problem? It’s kinda hard to get my work done when I’m busy being distracted by all the things I’m planning to do. And quite frankly it’s almost like torture to be so excited about all these projects that I can’t start on yet because I need to focus on finishing up the semester.

One project that I’m super excited about is my garden. Now, I don’t really like the outdoors. I mean, I like going to the beach and I like hiking, but I don’t like bugs and heat and pollen. But I need more vitamin D and I just really want a garden. So I am going to have a garden. And maybe then I’ll learn to like the sun some more. Maybe I will move to a darker place than “snow” on the color spectrum.

The garden will be in one of two places. There’s a ditch in the yard that I can fill in and plant all my fruits and vegetables and herbs in. My mom thinks that the landscapers will just mow over it so she wants me to put it someplace else. At this point I don’t care. It’s easy to just put some stakes around the garden with some ribbon tape and I think the landscapers will get the hint. But there’s still a week or so to debate.

What’s more urgent is my raspberry plant. Under $6 from Aldi’s and it’s already growing in its box. I need to plant that tomorrow. Poor thing needs some light!


Well hey there…

Welcome to Valentine’s Days!

My name is Katie and this is my corner of the internet. I’ll be sharing thoughts, ideas, projects, crafts, recipes, my garden, and a ton of other random things (including the shenanigans of my miniature dachshund, Heidi).

So why Valentine’s Days?
Well, the long and the short of it is that Valentine is my last name. And when you have a last name like that, might as well use it 🙂

I look forward to posting and sharing with you. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, anything, email me: katie@valentinesdaysblog.wordpress.com