3-minute DIY Earring makeover

Hi all!

So this DIY is another super quick and easy transformation.

I never liked silver hoops. Until I saw Jersey Shore. J-Woww made them work. And at the time, on the show, she was going through a breakup and I was relating to her situation. Long story short, I decided to be adventurous and try out some silver hoops. Now, they didn’t reach my shoulders, but they were big. This people is what is adventurous to me. Switching from fake diamond and fake pearl studs to huge silver hoops. But I liked them. Ever since, it’s been more then simple studs for me.

In addition to not being adventurous, I also do not like to pay a lot.  Heck yes I’ll shell out $135 for a pair of dark green Hunter boots. Heck yes I’ll buy $80 Sperry Topsiders and $70 Rainbow flipflops. $200 North Face jacket? Sign me up. But, those are staples. All of those things last. I have my first pair of all of those as well as my newer ones. But I’m not big on spending a lot on trend pieces. Especially ones that don’t fit in with my same thing every day look. I don’t even want to pay more than $5 for a pair of silver hoops.

So how does one try new styles when they are cheap and wear the same pair of studs for a month straight?

DIY. Michael’s has Bead Landing hoop earrings for $2.99 for a pack of two. And they’re nickel free, so thumbs up for that.

I can totally wear them plain but I’m dressing them up with something I have plenty of…nail polish.

On this pair I used “Jane” by Julep which is a rose gold glitter polish. Pretty much all you do is paint it on like you paint your nails. Which, I did after I painted the earrings.

Excuse my messy nails but I only did one coat because I hate taking glitter polish off and I figure it’ll clean itself up when I wash my hands. I paint my nails like a 6 year old. I don’t care if it’s messy. I wash my hands enough that what’s not on my nails will wash off soon enough.

My next mission is to figure out how to not get crappy flash pictures from my iphone :/





Washi what?

I love washi tape. Whoever invented it is a genius.
Washi tape is a Japanese paper craft time very similar to masking tape. It’s unique feature is all the amazing patterns and pretty colours you can get it in.
I’ve been covering everything with washi tape since my obsession started. I put it on the front of my laptop. I put it on the space bar on my laptop. I painted my cork board white and put washi tape on that. I covered the ugly spine of my SmashBook with washi tape. I bought a mouse pad just to cover with washi.
So the other day I was bored. I’m planning on putting up a piece of twine on my wall to hang inspirational stuff from since my cork board will fill up too soon. I have mini clothespins and I wanted to spruce them up. Soooo, lemme stick some washi on that.

It is super easy:

1. Tear off a strip on washi tape and stick in on the clothespin.
2. Using an Xacto/craft knife, trim all the excess tape off. Use the blunt side of the knife to press the tape edges onto the pin so it stays.
3. You’re done.