This is the last week of school, except for next week’s exams. I’m not a fan of this time of year. Summer is coming up which means lots of spare time to fill. Yet, school is not yet over which means there is still work to be done.

The problem? It’s kinda hard to get my work done when I’m busy being distracted by all the things I’m planning to do. And quite frankly it’s almost like torture to be so excited about all these projects that I can’t start on yet because I need to focus on finishing up the semester.

One project that I’m super excited about is my garden. Now, I don’t really like the outdoors. I mean, I like going to the beach and I like hiking, but I don’t like bugs and heat and pollen. But I need more vitamin D and I just really want a garden. So I am going to have a garden. And maybe then I’ll learn to like the sun some more. Maybe I will move to a darker place than “snow” on the color spectrum.

The garden will be in one of two places. There’s a ditch in the yard that I can fill in and plant all my fruits and vegetables and herbs in. My mom thinks that the landscapers will just mow over it so she wants me to put it someplace else. At this point I don’t care. It’s easy to just put some stakes around the garden with some ribbon tape and I think the landscapers will get the hint. But there’s still a week or so to debate.

What’s more urgent is my raspberry plant. Under $6 from Aldi’s and it’s already growing in its box. I need to plant that tomorrow. Poor thing needs some light!