First Illustrator pattern!

First off, I know its really bad of me to go almost two weeks without a post after just starting a blog. But I just had to finish up the semester and it is finally over!

So, just like I couldn’t wait to start the blog until after exams, I couldn’t wait to write a new post until after I had finished one of my planned projects.

Tonight, I was bored, as always. I hadn’t used Illustrator in a few days because I told myself I wasn’t allowed to until all my school work was over. So I opened it up. But what should and could I do at midnight?


One of my favorite blogs right now is goinghometoroost. The lovely lady behind GHTR, Bonnie, started a membership called the Roost Tribe and I’m so happy I joined. It’s only $5 a month but it’s worth much more. She sends members tons and tons of content every friday including vector/clip art files, patterns, backgrounds, printables, and my favorite, illustrator tutorials. Plus there’s a facebook group for everyone to connect on.

Anyways, tonight I decided to try a pattern. And using May’s clip art file from Friday’s email and a tutorial from a previous month, I made this:



My first repeating pattern 🙂

And it was so easy.

And now that I’ve learned something new and have written a new post, I can go to bed.