DIY Washi Tape Phone Case

I have many obsessions. Two of them are washi tape and phone cases. Unfortunately I only have one phone and tons of phone cases. Sometimes I can’t decide which one to use. To make matters worse, I made my own phone case so that I have one more case to choose from.

It is super simple to do and totally unique.

All you need is a plain phone case (I got this one from amazon. When I bought it, it was like 17 cents but has now gone up. But it’s amazon so there’s like a billion more of the same to choose from for various prices), washi tape (or duct tape or masking tape or any cute decorative tape. you could even use stickers), modge podge, and a craft knife.

All you have to do is layer the tape on the case, using the craft knife to cut any ends. I also used a bone folder to smooth the pieces down but you can do that with your fingers or the end of the knife or whatever. Then after you have it the way you like, use a paintbrush to spread a thin layer of modge podge over the tape and case so it won’t peel off in a couple of days. After its dried, use your knife to cut off any other stray ends.

And you have your own personalized phone case for a fraction of the cost of a designer case.


Note: As you can see, the case I got has the hole so you can see the apple logo. Next time I’m going to get a case without that hole. It’s just something to have to work around and it just makes for more tape ends that can come lose.

Domestic Superhero